Although this is a startup the plan is to use my airplane to meet on regional basis when disciples are close enough together to have a meaningful connection.


What to Expect from the Eagle Disciples Event:

Collaborative Brainstorming

Groups of Eagle Disciples will gather to brainstorm innovative ways to become more effective in our efforts. This collaboration aims to strengthen our influence and make a meaningful difference in our communities and beyond.

Developing Life Strategies and Tools

In addition to brainstorming, participants will work on creating concrete life strategies and practical toolbooks. These resources will be designed for immediate implementation, helping you apply what you learn right away.

In-Person Meetings for Greater Impact

This year, we are organizing several groups that are geographically close to each other to meet in person. These face-to-face meetings will amplify our effectiveness, allowing us to influence culture more powerfully in each of the seven mountains for the Kingdom.

Eagle Disciples' Summit

The idea is for groups of Eagle Disciples to gather and brainstorm ways to become more effective locally and on the national scale. Also, as additional benefits we will develop concrete life strategies and tool books we can implement right away.  

This year, we’re planning on several groups close enough geographically to meet in person for a multiplication factor of effectiveness in our ability to influence culture in each of the seven mountains for the Kingdom.  These meetings may coincide with a meeting of one of the founder partner organizations.

This is why we need each of you to become registered members in order to determine in person meetings for planning purposes.

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